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Among our Customers

What Our Customers Say

“We use you guys all the time. And will continue to do so. It’s the best qualitative testing for VR we have found by far.”

 Ricardo Justus
ARVORE Immersive Games Inc., CEO

“We're very happy with YUKI's launch. Both user and critic reviews are very positive in general. We feel our test rounds were super important to the development process!”

Rebeca Traldi
ARVORE Immersive Games Inc., Producer

“Finding players with disabilities who have VR hardware can be challenging. Thanks to VR Oxygen's help finding candidates, we were able to test our accessibility features remotely.”

Jazmin Cano
Owlchemy Labs, Accessibility Product Manager II

“The user feedback we received from our VR Oxygen playtest was so valuable for successfully launching BRINK Traveler. Incorporating that feedback resulted in a stronger product launch and higher user ratings.”

Akin Bilgic
Brink XR Inc., CEO

"You are heads and shoulders ahead of all the professional testing companies we tried for VR!" 

Dilan Shah

“Very happy with the tester selection! Very good spread of devices and sailing experience. It was super helpful, thank you for providing this service!”

 Greg Dziemidowicz
Virtual Reality Sailing Pty. Ltd., Director

“VR Oxygen is one of the largest reasons Shootout plays the way it does.”

Hamza Siddiqui
Myr1, Inc., CEO

“VR Oxygen is the best testing service by a mile. Their process is efficient and their tests are amazing. I'll be using VR Oxygen for the rest of my life.”

Tom Casano
Deep Technologies Inc., CEO


What you can do with VR Oxygen
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User Testing/ Playtesting

Get insights on replayability and value, level of fun, test balance, test your hypotheses, discover what to build next, and much more!
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Accessibility Testing

Ensure your game is accessible for everyone and is inclusive of people with visual and hearing impairments, people with limited mobility, and many more diverse VR users!
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Who is it for?

For game studios, indie developers, publishers, enterprises developing or publishing VR games, gamified apps, or experiences, and anyone who wants to ensure sucess of their gaming products.

Why test?

Use data to make informed decisions about changes to your game or gamified app. Receive consistent test results and clear analysis, and build a product your audience wants.

What can be tested?

Test single player and multiplayer games and gamified apps as often as you need with the same consistency, with test rounds varying from 1 to 70 simultaneous participants.

Streamline the VR Testing Process

Create games and experiences that people love
Matching with VR Testers

Matching with VR Testers

Find testers who are your exact target audience, are reliable and available when you need them. Our ecosystem of VR testers with various headsets and rich diversity can match even the most complex criteria.

VR Test Creation and

Organize tests unique to your game or app, track and efficiently manage the whole testing process. Receive consistent and actionable test results in real time. Customize and scale your testing workflow.
VR Test Creation and Management

Set requirements and goals

Select VR headset, demographics and other criteria, set goals.

Receive instant feedback

Select and customize the deliverables and receive the results in-real-time.

At any development stage

Test throughout your whole development cycle - from early prototypes to post-launch updates.

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