VR Playtesting Case Studies

VR Playtesting from the Concept to Launch

How ARVORE tested Pixel Ripped 1978 throughout the whole development cycle, from the concept validation to evaluating comprehension, value, replayability, and unique features.
PixelRipped 1978 game cover - a screenshot of the gameRead Case Study

Confirming VR Accessibility with Testing

How playtesting with people with low vision and blindness helps Owlchemy Labs continuously discover and confirm VR accessibility features for Cosmonious High.
CosmoniousHigh game cover - a screenshot of the game

Feedback from playtesters with blindness and low vision helped Owlchemy team prioritize iterations, confirm hypotheses, and discover new accessibility features to build.

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Testing VR Game Balance: Shaping the Positive Player Experience

How VR playtesting helped Andromeda Entertainment and Solar Black discover the best approach to scale difficulty.
Cover photo of SolarBlack game title - screenshot of the gameRead Case Study

Testing a Large-Scale Multiplayer

How VRROOM tested a live concert with 55 simultaneous attendees. A series of test rounds with varying headset requirement, target audiences, and build sharing logistics.
VRROOM cover image - logo and a screenshot from the game - floating island and notesRead Case Study

Measuring the Level of Fun and Intuitiveness

How consistent test results helped PatchXR confirm assumptions and identify patterns with different audiences for PatchWorld.
PatchWorld app cover image - logo on top of the screenshjot of the app - underwater world of PatchWorldRead Case Study

Continuous VR Game Testing = 5-star Reviews

How ARVORE secured the success of YUKI: Playtesting a VR game throughout the whole development cycle and post-launch updates.
YUKI game cover - screenshot of  YUKI gameRead Case Study

VR Playtesting with Different Audiences with the Same Consistency

How YUR tested YUR World simultaneously with new users and the existing Discord community.
YUR World cover image - a woman exercising - doing squats - and using YUR World Interface Read Case Study