VR User Testing/ VR Playtesting

What you can do with VR Oxygen


Our growing VR tester ecosystem has over 3,000 people of various demographics and backgrounds, with different VR experiences - from novice VR users to experienced hard-core VR gamers, over 30 types of headsets/platforms, and various VR-ready PC configurations.

NDA and confidentiality

If your project is confidential, you can select to require an NDA (the Non-Disclosure Agreement). The NDA is between your company and each tester who signs it. You can use our generic NDA template or your own.

Test with new users every test round

To test the first-time user experience or onboarding and discover if it is intuitive enough for people who have never played this game before or too confusing to figure out what to do next.

Test with the same users every test round

If you want to understand how every update is perceived by users, who are familiar with the game/app, then it's best to select a group of participants who will test every update.

Single player and multiplayer testing

There is no limit for the number of testers per test round. For single player and unmoderated multiplayer, testers conduct their tests anytime before the deadline (for unmoderated multiplayer, testers are scheduled based on the multiplayer requirements anytime before the deadline).
The number of simultaneous testers varies from 2 to 70 but can be higher.
Scheduled multiplayers are usually moderated by someone from the game/app development team, the testing time slots can be scheduled by a game/app developer or can be selected via voting - testers will select the best time based on their availability.

Video recording

You can choose video recording among other deliverables. Watching videos helps observe players' VR view without the need to attend a live stream. You can choose to record both, VR view and a real-life view of a tester synced with a VR view - this is the best option for games that require physical movement.
If you need to see users and communicate with them in real-time, then choosing a live stream test would be your option. A livestream test can be recorded as well.

Post-play survey

You can build your own post-play survey from scratch or use our question library that will give you suggestions based on the goal(s) of the test. You can use our question library as an inspiration, edit suggested questions, or combine them with your own.


You can choose to schedule an interview with each tester, based on mutual availability.

Test Report

All information can be analyzed into a test report based on your goals.

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