VR Playtesting with Different Audiences with the Same Consistency

How YUR tested YUR World simultaneously with new users and the existing Discord community.

About YUR and YUR World

YUR is an ecosystem of services to keep you active, track your progress, and motivate your communities in VR and IRL.

YUR World is a platform to create your own world and play multiple workout games, compete, and map your progress. All your session data will sync over to YUR Life & YUR Rank. And with YUR's wellness community by your side, you'll never do it alone.

VR Playtesting Challenge

YUR World wanted to conduct weekly tests on specific days, adding a particular number of new testers every week. The tests targeted two distinct audiences: new users and the existing YUR community on Discord, with specific profiles for each audience. 

The goal was to maintain task completion and consistent deliverables for all participants, including new and recurring testers from both audiences. It was crucial to ensure continuous participation by all recurring testers as the tests spanned several months. Additionally, signing an NDA was required for all participants from both audiences.

Managing the whole testing process efficiently, from identifying the right profiles for each audience to notifying testers throughout all stages of the test process of each round, presented a complex task.

Solution and Outcome

Partnering with VR Oxygen provided the following solutions:

  1. Targeted Audience.

    YUR began by defining user profiles and establishing specific demographic and headsets requirements. Additionally, each audience had their own profiles with criteria such as experience with VR fitness apps and workout games, and players who reached specific levels within the YUR platform.

    Requirements for the profiles as well as the ratios for different types of players were adjusted throughout the testing process accommodating the features that were being tested at a specific test round.

  2. Test Scheduling.

    Ensuring participant availability within a specific timeframe and before the deadline for each weekly sprint.

  3. Logistics Notifications.

    Timely notifications, instructions, and requests for testers with specific headsets and profiles for both audiences.

  4. Test management.

    Attendance and tester management:
    Ensuring the number of testers and occurrence, ratios of profiles, and accurate participant growth per test round. Any missing participants were replaced with the same profile to maintain the desired number of testers. While the numbers were not always 100% accurate due to human factors such as illness or vacation, they remained largely consistent.

    Completion of specific tasks and deliverables. These included videos of the first user experience following the tasks, with synced VR and real-life views, a post-play survey, and interviews conducted within specific timeframes. The consistent delivery across all test rounds was maintained for both audiences.

    The deliverables such as video length, profiles, and tasks were adjusted for each test round based on the mechanics and features being tested. 

YUR World successfully conducted multiple series of tests involving new users and the existing Discord community, incorporating remote tests, live stream tests, and other methods which allowed getting actionable test results for each sprint and milestone. The outcomes confirmed or disproved hypotheses, and provided YUR World with insights on what to build next and how to refine their platform.

Image credits: YUR and YUR World